Although Qatari females have increased their economic participation and reached remarkable educational attainment over the last decade, this success does not run parallel with balanced representation in management positions. Accordingly, this study was initiated with the aim of identifying the main organizational constraints encountered by Qatari females throughout their careers. The study revealed that although Qatari females have made good progress at medium and lower levels of management, they are still very poorly represented in senior management levels. It is also indicated that no discrimination is made against Qatari females in terms of selection and recruiting, working hours, training, and engagement in critical projects and compensation. Specifically, the study found that both gender specific and differences failed to explain the low representation of Qatari females in top managerial positions. However, it was reported that the promotion of Qatari females within organizations is still lagging behind. Gender-specific issues, such as females’ family commitments, were reported as the main constraint to their promotion from the male perspective, whilst gender-differences, such as uncertainty of real increased responsibilities and authority levels, were the main constraints to female promotion from the females’ perspective. In the absence of major organizational discrimination, this study concludes by recommending the greater inclusiveness of Qatari females in decision-making positions. The paper also suggests that greater accountability of organizations to advance females should be considered critically in order to ensure the advancement of Qatari females to the top.


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  1. H.A. Al Muftah, How do Qatari females make it to the top? An examinationof organizational constraints to their advancement?, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, AHP1.
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