Since its inception in early 2009, Dohaland has been tasked by its Board of Directors to support the intellectual and cultural efforts of Qatar Foundation by extending its work beyond day-to-day real estate development activities to include research projects that focus on the built form, the life patterns of Qatari residents, etc. This presentation will present and discuss current and future research-related projects and activities under the Dohaland research program including:

  • Gulf architectural encyclopedia research
  • Qatari architecture research
  • Qatari cultural/socio research: (slavery, living/oral history, oil and gas inception, MHOD memory center)
  • Coordination with Qatar Science & Technology Park re-applied research

These subjects are in early phases of work and can be tracked in the future as they further develop.


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  1. J. Rose, Dohaland research: search for a contemporary Qatari architectural language that is ‘modern rooted in the past’, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, AHO10.
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