The study aimed to reveal the reality of strategic planning technical (Technological) education and to identify the strategies and practices within the Technical Education (ICT)) established within the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Qatar, through the answer of the main question: «what is the reality of strategic planning for technical education in the State of Qatar.» the study has been identifythe awareness of ministry officials to the concept of strategic planning and technical importance of education and knowledge of the issues that arise in strategic planning and technical education through Identify its objectives for national development. The study identify the most important opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses in technical education, the most prominent gains and benefits from the strategic planning process and finally have been identified over the departments and schools commitment to strategic planning and mechanisms used in the follow-up and evaluation. To achieve the objectives of the study were used descriptive and analytical approach in the search, using the selected sample of officials from the Ministry of Education and higher education through in-depth interviews and a review of annual reports and strategic plans for the ministry to demonstrate the reality of strategic planning and technical education over the years of 2010-2017.The results of the study that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar is aware of the concept of strategic planning importance.They apply strategic planning for education in general and include technical education a key objective. There is another objective respect merging information technology in the education process as part of the ministry»s strategic plans. The study also showed that there are great opportunities and strengths for technical education that can be exploited to meet the points of threats and Weaknesses if they are used efficiently and effectively. The study explained the mechanisms in following up and evaluating the strategic plans which developed with local and international partners in cooperation with the ministry. Based on the analysis of the results, the study presented a proposed vision for the strategy of developing technical education. The study concluded with a set of recommendations in order to enhance the effectiveness of strategic planning of technical education, the most important to be include the key concepts such as innovation, creativity, quality, transparency in order to access excellence in technical education, in addition to that there is needs for the environment to create before the implementation of strategic plans to change the culture of the community specially students towards technical education to avoid the occurrence of resistance to change. Also there is need for integration and harmony between the other strategic plans within the ministry,also, the each departments need to know what is required for individuals and other departments. Finally, The importance of integration with strategic plans for technical education and labor market needs in the GCC. The most important feature of this study is that it is one of the first studies in the strategic planning of technical education in the State of Qatar. Keywords: Strategic Planning, Strategic Plan, Technical Education, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry


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