Imagine you are sitting at a public coffee shop and using their free wifi on your work device. As long as you are connected to corporate VPN, you are well protected. The moment you go off, you are no longer protected. Your laptop is now open to being hacked and attacked at public wifi locations like airports, hotels, coffee shops, parks etc. My proposed solution involves an automated proactive cloud based threat intelligence platform that will not just monitor and detect threats in real time attacking you while at a public location but also when you are at home. The system works on Zero trust framework where there are no trusted networks or zones. Each system with an IP address has its own Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, combined with special localized malware analysis that is specifically targeting you.Most Anti Virus and anti malware companies, do not write their own signatures. Infact they buy them from smaller companies, my proposed solution will analyze malware targeted at you specifically and create a defensive signature within minutes to neutralize and eradicate threats against you within an hour across your entire infrastructure. There will be no need to wait 2–3 days for Anti virus and anti malware companies to come up with signatures and offer you protection.


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