The Internet has become part of almost every organizational culture where security threats increase with the increase use of the Internet. Therefore, security practice has become increasingly important for almost every organization where is the same case of the Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) in the state of Qatar. The aim of this research is to evaluate the current security level of the QMD by examining the current security practices that present in the organization and the security awareness level among the organization employees. After that, provide the organization with security policy and awareness program recommendations to enhance the organization security practice. Furthermore, the importance of this research is its contribution to enhance the organization security level. In order to achieve the research objectives, a mixture of different methodologies has been used to collect the fundamental data includes: survey questionnaires, interviews, and field observation. For the data collection process to success, a number of strategies have been used in each method to ensure achieving the most benefits of each the used method. These methods satisfied in collecting the essential primary data. Furthermore, a number of literatures were reviewed in order to understand the research subject further. Based on the collected data, a number of analysis methods have been used to draw a conclusion of the organizational security level where the findings illustrate the needs for security policies and awareness programs in order to enhance the organization security level. Thus, a number of security policies and awareness program recommendations have been established. The research findings and the provided recommendations can support the organization to enhance its security level as much as possible since no system is completely secure. Furthermore, this research presents valuable information about the organization current security level and provides recommendations to enhance this security level.


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