Wild plants make an important contribution to the life of localcommunities. Endangered plant species like Rhanterium epapposum olive (Arfaj) were micropropogated through tissue culture technique in order toprotect them from extinction and conserving Biodiversity in Qatar. Agriculture Research Department (ARD) has developed anefficient protocol for rapid and large scale in vitro propagation of the nativeannual plants Rhanterium epapposum that cannot be propagated on alarge-scale by means of seeds and cuttings. Apical bud and nods were collectedfrom wild habitat and cultured on modified Murashige and Skoog (MS) mediumsupplemented with 1.5 mg l-1 BA (initiation stage) and containing 1 mg l-1 BAP+0.2 mg l-1 Kinetin for multiplication stage, reculture three times withregular transferring to fresh medium containing the same composition medium.For rooting stage, elongated shoots were cultured on differentstrength of Murashige and Skoog (MS) media(full and ½) supplemented with different auxin. ½ MS nutrient medium containing1 mg l-1 IBA increased significantly the number of roots and root length compared with othertreatments. The plantlets were adapted to greenhouse conditions successfully


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