The goal of this research work is to help and to contribute toward the minimization and the control of manmade water pollution on land and in marine environment. Since oil spill is a major environmental polluter and causes server damage to natural habitats, the oil separation from aqueous phase using polyolefin-bound magnetic nanoparticles with superhydrophobic or water repellent properties has become a promising area of research that is worth exploring. Perfectly designed, functionalized polyisobutylene (PIB) bound iron magnetic nanoparticle could be utilized for facile separation of complex pollutants (crude oil), diesel, gasoline and organic solvents (petroleum ether, benzene, chloroform) from aqueous polluted environment conditions. 80–90% of recovery of pollutants by external magnetic field was easily reached and resuse of polyisobutylene-catechol bound to magnetic nanoparticle was investigated in detail. Polyisobutylene-catechol grafting on iron magnetic nanoparticle obtained 42–52%. Stability of the terminally functionalized polyisobutylene-catechol bound to iron oxide was confirmed by UV-Visible spectroscopy studies. Moreover, these experiments suggest that this work might provide promising candidate for environmental remediation including oil spill. This research work is an eco-friendly process and high oil absorption materials and can have wide applications in heterogenous and homogenous catalysis.


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