By how the brain works for the Very young child's mind when they are born to be his mind Loader with operational program acquired genes text of this operational program is to pay attention to what is repeated, pay attention to visual and auditory stimuli. The basis of learning is repetition and stimulate the senses Comes from the interaction, in order for this program works must interact with the child to stimulate the child's mind and its cells nerve The most important year of the child is the first year then the second and child neglect in the first two years whether to let him watch TV or maid or not to interact with it leads to stop some senses and stop the mental and linguistic age of the child in the event that a child has been neglected in the first months or that the brain did not stimulate becomes less active in subsequent years. To answer questions from parents of children autism spectrum more than 300 children from various Arab countries as well as Arab expatriates residing in the foreign and Arab countries and found that 90% of children have been exposed to neglect inadvertently leaving them in front of children's channels in the first year for a long time or screens devices in the first year or Second – The majority of them left by parents to watch the channels that repeat content and songs. We also found more cases that lead to leaving the child of the TV is 1. Working mother 2. Expatriate mother or traveling 3. Pregnant another child early 4. Busy father 5. Ignorance of the seriousness of the TV. We also found the answer from the mothers of the children and some of the videos that the child's behavior after the birth and to the pre-watch TV normally be in terms of sounds, movement and visual communication, hearing, especially in the first 6 months. We also found symptoms of autism spectrum emerged after the child's addiction to watch these channels which - Lack of eye contact - Lack of attention to the appeal - Link TV or screens - Age-stop linguistic and stop mental age where he does not fit the true age - Non-participation of children playing - Trouble sleeping and eating Repetitive movements - problems in some senses such as smell - touch - taste - and the sensitivity of sound. We have reached the symptoms depend on several factors and varies from child, including 1-In any month of the child's age began to watch TV for a long time in the first year it led to a mental age and freeze them know mental age of a child. 2-how much the period that lasted for Child Show TV screens or devices and the way parents interact with the child and that will affect the senses And by how the brain works and the impact of television addiction children how we came to cause these symptoms TV and how it works to freeze the mind and the senses. The child is born and all the memory empty for the senses and the sense of each storage and retrieval program It must be filled to the age of 18 months and the formation of memory for each sense. Repetition is the basis of learning, The basis for the work of the senses is the interaction What happens when you watch the child to repeat content channels and songs and cartoons. First, the sense of sight To operate the sense of sight must be watched repeated things and stores it in memory of sight colors, sizes and shape as well as the normal speed stored in memory in order to be considered and very young children learn best by relating to real live people. In the case that the child was TV it stores the two-dimensional images without the size without touching without smell. What happens in a child's memory - will not be storage size and shape and the smell will not prolong the consideration of the fact things Because he used to watch Photos shown great speed and two-dimensional resulting in lack of eye contact of the child things really are not two-dimensional 2. Example hearing Natural that a child hears different intensity, size and level far and close sounds and different directions And heard his name many times and pay attention to the call and stores voice his name and repetition soon be named in memory of hearing When you call it retrieves the sound of the voice memory and quickly analyze the mind and pay attention to the call quickly In the case of watching TV heard voices and one level - from one direction - will store specific sounds like what you watch from songs and animation films - Due to the channels repeating the content of the songs and songs will be stored these sounds in the audio memory and where the child spends a long time without having heard the sound of his name or Call it will become the voice of his name store down memory because the foundation is repetition will lose the sound of his name and therefore will not respond to the call of his parents, although he pay attention to the voices of the TV - also cause sensitivity of the hearing because the ear will be used on a one-level sounds also happen speech problems Because child labor channels to repeat songs, therefore the child tends to happen almost addictive frequencies songs to find that the child does not respond to the call of his father, but as soon as the employment of children are attracted to channel quickly even if the child was in another room 3. The lack of movement and sitting in front of the TV for a long time Problem will happen in the system estimate distances, balance and touch 4. Eating natural person is an important topic when watching TV in a mind will not eat cares tastings - this is what happens to the child while watching TV will be attentive to the TV will weaken the sense of taste and also in the future and also will not be digested without eating has swallowed digest TV addiction will lead to feelings and not to freeze the growth of social relations and do not care even in the absence of the mother in some cases 5. Speech and becomes a child receives only laziness happens to think and speak weaken the speech where language acquisition results from the interaction with others and not to watch TV and weaken the sense of touch, smell, at least in this moment of interaction depends mental age As the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended preventing children less than two years of watching TV and that our recommended weaning in two years and we recommend that leaving the child less than two years, is television crime.

We demand from channels that repeat content and songs put a warning on the channel to prevent viewing of less than two years for the prevention of the spread of autism spectrum Recommendation prevent children less than two years to watch TV once, especially in the first year of interaction with the child as much as possible with sound and movement and smile and touch. There are some people messages, most of which prove that the child is exposed to neglect is intentional to leave him in front of children's channels, especially with a nanny does not speak baby language was the mother is busy with work or pregnancy in the most important months needed for the child to interact and evolve and also busy mothers to the Internet and social networking sites and it is clear that children channels a major reason for the increased prevalence of autism spectrum leaving the child who is less than two years, is to watch TV screens is a crime.

*Channels of the most influential in the children come to the fore Channel Toyyour aljannah TV by 70% and it shares Space Toon – BRAAEAM TV - Tom and Jerry. Message from one of the mothers of children born harmony boy and girl Posted says that the child has a lack of eyes contact - do not pay attention to the appeal - does not realize what around following orders - the child likes to eat only cake and yogurt An inquiry was made of them Does the child and the girl child and how much TV they been seen an hour and why his sister was not affected The answer is as follows: From the age of 6 months, the child watches TV more than 7 hours per day Is his sister was watching TV a period equal to the period of her brother or less? The answer is that the mother of his twin sister was watching TV a period of not less concerned with road a lot - and always come out with me and leave the other child sits at home with his grandmother. The findings of the researcher:

1. For the prevention of autism spectrum prevents a child less than two years, is to watch TV once and interaction with the child as much as possible with sound and movement and smile and touch and play and that leaving the child less than two years for a maid or TV crime.

2. A children's channels must repetitive writing a warning on its screen to prevent children less than two years of viewing because they cause symptoms of autism spectrum.

3. Can restart the mind and the senses again by reverse engineering and without medication starts to work the mind and the senses notice of appeal identifying himself and prolong the matter and get ready to learn and make up for lost and begin the appearance of improvement in the first week.


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