FPGAs has many significant features that serves as a platform for processing real time algorithm. It gives substantially higher performance over programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSPs) and microprocessor. At present, the use of FPGA in research and development of applied digital systems for specific tasks are increasing. This is due to the advantages FPGAs has over other programmable devices. These advantages are high clock frequency, high operations per second, code portability, code libraries reusability, low cost, parallel processing, Capability of interacting with high or low interfaces, security and Intellectual Property (IP).

This paper presents concept of hardware digital image processing algorithms using field programmable gate array (FPGA). It focus on implementation an efficient architecture for image processing algorithms like image enhancement (point processing techniques (by using fewest possible System Generator Blocks. In this paper, Modern approach of ‘Xilinx System Generator’ (XSG) is used for system modeling and FPGA programming. Xilinx System Generator is a tool of matlab that generates bit stream file (*.bit), Netlist, timing and power analysis. Performance of these architectures implemented in FPGA card XUPV5-LX110T.


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