This paper presents a new generation of sustainable, secured, multifunctional and self-supported Aquaponics Greenhouse System, vegetable and fish production with limited use of land, environmentally friendly and water & energy & natural resources high efficiency system. AQ System – Z1® is based on high advanced Green technologies and methodologies, and tightly related to the Qatar comprehensive National Progress AQ System – Z1® is specially designed for Qatar demographic and climate conditions, regarding National Strategic Grand Challenge Pillars: 1Water Security and Water Sustainability & 2Energy Security and Energy Sustainability & 3Food Security and Food Supply, throughout the year. It is an environmentally friendly and water & energy & natural resources high efficiency system with new agricultural approaches. AQ System – Z1® uses ∼92–95% less water than traditional and modern agricultural and fishery methods. Farming is based on new approaches of the water independent & recycling system, on the high sensitivity & efficient technology, which creates “Stabilized water”. The new-formed state of water, the sub-atomic oriented structure, have higher levels of energy, which scientifically transfers to the growth cells of vegetables and fish, boosts their Genome and Growth Hormones, promotes rapid growth of the plants and the fishes for the time period, bringing yield several times higher compared the conventional and modern agriculture and fishery, and without any genetic harnesses. The energy efficiency of the AQ System – Z1® is achieved by using renewable energy operating systems such as solar panels, windmills, geothermal system and underground heating & cooling systems, thus following Qatar's national security strategy in implementing economical alternates and renewable low carbon energy technologies. AQ System – Z1® is based on Green, sustainable technologies for smart, intelligent buildings, with the highest processing and operational standards, natural, recycled building materials, combination of sustainable vertical & horizontal farming, multiple space efficient cultivation and Greenhouse Gas emission reduction. AQ System – Z1® does not require the use of pesticides, steroids or fertilizers, antibiotics, GMO seeds and feed and avoids generation of environmental pollutants. AQ System® is software driven technology of the advanced Greenhouse farming. The AQ System – Z1® exhibits no points of failure, and as such can operate continuous hours throughout the year and continue producing forever. AQ System – Z1® offers high economically and profitable production of vegetables and fish, with both great taste and high nutritional values.


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