GCC's climate has a high ambient temperatures throughout most of the year, therefore, the air conditioning is not optional or luxury, it is a necessity. Residential sector in those countries represents the largest portion of electricity consumption. According to Qatar National Development Strategy (QNDS) 2011-2016, two-thirds (67 percent) of total residential power consumption in Qatar is due to air conditioning units (AC), Such heavy cooling demand is expected to approximately triple by 2030. Thereby, the fuel needed to power air-conditioning units in the GCC will is expected to 1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Energy efficient system is basically depending on two different categories; technological modification program and behavioral modification program. Both programs are required for energy efficient air conditioner systems. Existing air conditioner systems are based on conventional technological modification systems without considering the behavioral modification program which are impacted by the cost of implementation, impact on running systems as well as providing a fixed step algorithm of closed loop control between utility and residential customer. Therefore, we present a novel embedded real-time, smart, active energy and efficient air conditioning system for minimizing energy consumption, and minimizing energy cost per day while considering residential customer preferences, comfort level in behavioral modification program and health aspect, which provides opportunity for residential customer to reduce energy consumption improve energy efficiency with cost effective manners and healthcare concept. The proposed algorithm automatic adjustment air conditioning temperature below the outdoor temperature as recommended from physiologists. In addition the proposed energy efficient Air-conditioning system equipped with embedded tools to collects and monitor energy information for each air conditioning through measurements of current, voltages, frequency, active power (kW), reactive power (kVAR), apparent power (kVA), power factor (PF), total harmonic distortion (THD) to increased awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and energy saving benefits. The system has three modes of operation; automatic, semi-automatic and manual. The automatic status i.e. the system smartly and completely controls airflow/energy consumption of air conditioner at all times based on Psychrometric Chart; semi-automatic status is designed to quickly and efficiently controlled energy usage with fixed selected temperature value. The manual status is considered as a conventional, delivery and use of energy without any control. The Smart energy efficiency algorithm is set based on psychrometric chart, load importance, comfort level, room temperature, and internet weather service. The proposed novel system leads to achieve comfortable temperature with less energy consumption over many hours during the day. The proposed energy management strategy aims to save around 15-26% of daily energy consumption. Index Terms -Energy-efficient, air conditioning, Energy saving.


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