Protecting cyberspace has become one of the most common problems dealt with safety issues. The stability of functioning and development of the global information society depends on an open, reliable and secure cyberspace. Raising awareness in this field is combined with a sharp increase of computer incidents and other new cyber risks. While cyberspace is a virtual reflection of physical reality, it also penetrate into the negative form of human activity. Internet network gives a great sense of anonymity and is often used by criminals. Qatar, like other states is in danger of cyber attacks. Qatar currently takes up the challenge of how to develop a legal and organizational changes, to ensure the proper level of security in cyberspace and safe functioning of its citizens in cyberspace. Hence, it is important to develop an appropriate awareness among users. The aim of the study is to analyze the provisions laid down in Qatar and examine how they compare to similar regulations existing in the European Union as well as to examine how Qatar could effectively spread awareness of the dangers in cyberspace among Internet users, so that the newly introduced regulations were effective. The main task posed by the author is, therefore, an attempt to answer the question: how effectively protect the network user (individuals) against attacks in cyberspace, what activities and types of social campaigns, relating also to Muslim tradition, may help to enter into force new regulations. For this purpose, the author will examine the provisions on protection against cyber threats in Qatar and Poland (comparative study) - where legislative action in this area has only recently been made; also appropriate EU directives will be examined. The statistics will also be taken into account.


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