Harvesting electric energy from renewable energy resources is seen as one of the solutions to secure the energy sustainability due to depleting resources of fossil fuel, the conventional resources of electric energy. Renewable energy is typically connected to conventional distribution network which were not designed to accomodate any sources of electricity reduce the security of the energy supply system. Moreover the variency of renewable resources create many operational challenges to the distribution network operator. Higher shares of distributed energy sources lead to unpredictable network flows, greater variations in voltage, and different network reactive power characteristics as already evidence in many distribution networks. Local network constraints occurs more frequently, adversely affecting the quality of supply. Yet distribution network operators are nevertheless expected to continue to operate their networks in a secure way and to provide high-quality service to their customers. Active management of distribution network may provide some answers to these problems. Indeed, distribution management will allow grids to integrate renewable energu resources efficiently by leveraging the inherent characteristics of this type of generation. The growth of renewable energy resources requires changes to how distribution networks are planned and operated. Bi-directional flows need to be taken into account: they must be monitored, simulated and managed. This paper will describe features of smart grid concept that can be employed in distribution network for active management to facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources. The concepts include coordinated voltage control, microgrid operation and intelligent reactive power management to name a few. The development of physical testbed to test these new strategies in managing distribution network will also be described. The heart of these strategies is intelligent controller which acting as energy management system. The development of this controller will also be described and its operationality will be eplained.


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