The emergence of V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) networks lends a significant support for the Intelligent Transportation Systems to improve many applications for different purposes such as safety, traffic efficiency and added-value services. Typically, such environment is distinguished by its mobility and topology dynamics over space and time. Moreover, these applications need to collect and disseminate data reactively or proactively from vehicles or the traffic control center (TMC) to run efficiently. Thus, in this abstract paper, we will provide an extended framework to collect and disseminate data in V2X networks based on the new emerging network NDN (Named Data Networking) which treats content as a primitive - decoupling location from identity, security and access, and retrieving content by name. The communication paradigm in this network is based on the pattern of Request/Response where request messages are Interest packets and responses are Data packets. In order to provide an efficient reactive data collection mechanism, we propose an NDN Query mechanism (NDN-Q to allow any node to submit a query in the network to collect data which is built on the fly. Then, NDN-Q uses a reduce mechanism to aggregate data hop by hop towards the Query Source. Thus, in NDN-Q, the data collection is performed in two steps. The first one is the query dissemination towards data sources while the second one concerns data sources's response collection and aggregation. Then, we extended NDN with a Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) capability in order to provide an efficient data collection and dissemination mechanism in V2X networks. Therefore, a node, a vehicle or the TMC, can subscribe to a content topic through a rendezvous node to receive zero or many messages as and when they are published without re-expressing its interest. Thus, many nodes may subscribe to the same topic which will allow the use of the NDN capabilities in terms of multicast to reduce the communication load in the network. The framework has been designed to meet the V2X communication requirements in terms of mobility and dynamics. Then, it has been implemented based on the NS-3 module ndnSim. Moreover, SUMO has been used to generate the vehicle mobility scenario. The evaluation argues that this extension reduces the number of packets disseminated to subscribers and efficiently handles the mobility of vehicles. Moreover, the data collection fulfills the delay requirement of traffic safety applications. The evaluation of NDN-Q argues that it reduces the number of packets collected from data sources, efficiently handles the mobility of vehicles, and deliver query results in a reasonable time, i.e. 280ms when a reduce process is performed in intermediate nodes or less than 50ms without any reduce process. In this abstract paper, we presented an innovative data collection and dissemination framework in V2X networks based on NDN. The framework gives a fully distributed query mechanism that does not require knowledge of the network organization and vehicles, and a Pub/Sub mechanism that takes into consideration V2X network characteristics and needs in terms of mobility, periodic disconnectivity, publish versioning and tagging with location, etc.


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