It is well established that intermittent exercises are very specific for performance in field and combat sports. However, few studies have examined the effect of sinusoidal oscillation in exercise intensity could maintain or ameliorates energetic coast. The aim of this work was to investigate if the variation of exercise allures (constant speed (CT-sp) vs. sinusoidal speed (SIN-sp) on physiological responses during submaximal exercise. Ten male footballers (182.6 ± 6.2 cm and 79.6 ± 6.4 kg) were volunteered to participate to this study. After measuring maximal aerobic velocity (MAV) and corresponding maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) during the University of Montreal incremental test', subjects performed, in a randomized order, six test sessions of 10 min at different intensities (65, 75 and 85% VMA) in either CT-sp (a constant distance of 12.5 m between cones) or SIN-sp with an amplitude of 3 km.h-1 (alternating distances of 9.85 m and 15.15 m in each speed). Heart rate (HR), blood lactate concentration [La] and oxygen uptake (VO2) were determined during each test session. Results showed that HR, [La] and VO2 were higher during SIN-sp than CT-sp in the different exercise intensities. In addition, multiple linear regression was performed as below: Y = a *X1+ b * X2+ C with X2 corresponding to exercise allure (EA) (Vcte vs Vsin) as independent variable (taking the value of 0 or 1 ) to study the relationships: VO2 / VO2max = a * HR / HR max + b * EA + C, [La] / [Lamax] = a * HR / HR max + b * TE + C and [La] / [Lamax ] VO2 = a * / b * VO2max + TE + C. The statistical analysis shows that only the VO2/ VO2max and HR / HRmax were significant (P <0.001). The results of this study raise the question of the effectiveness of sinusoidal training allure on cardiorespiratory and metabolic parameters in football players.


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