Objective: Community Oriented Program for the Control of Rheumatic Disease (COPCORD) were done in many countries to estimate the prevalence of rheumatic disease, we conducted COPCORD in Qatar for ages 16 and above for Qatari National of both sexes Methods: this is a cross sectional study with target of 1000 subjects, 500 males and 500 females. We conducted door to door survey using COPCORD Questionnaire (Arabic version) done by recruited research assistants, the subjects with positive surveys were called to Hamad General Hospital Rheumatology outpatient's clinics for further interview and diagnosis by Rheumatologists. Results: this is the preliminary results for 732 subjects. 483 males and 249 females, we have the following diagnosis: 28 subjects with knee osteoarthritis, 22 subjects with Low Back Pain, 8 subjects with cervical and lumbar disks, 7 with low vitamin D, 3 with shoulder pain and 2 with Rheumatoid arthritis. Conclusion: this is the first data in Qatar for prevalence of Rheumatic diseases, the prevalence rate of rheumatic diseases seems lower in Qatar than international figures, further data to come at the end of study.


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