We have shown previously that insulin-resistance is associated with impairment of preadipocyte differentiation and increased proinflammatory cytokines release in stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cultures. In order to investigate whether depletion of potential sources of these cytokines is sufficient to rescue preadipocyte differentiation, we examined the ability of SVF cells to differentiate into mature adipocytes following depletion of endothelial cells (CD31+) and leukocytes (CD45+) by magnetic cell sorting, together with profiling of gene expression and cytokines levels in the presence or absence of these cells. Our data show that depletion of CD31+/CD45+ cells led to improvement in the differentiation capacity of SVF cultures from insulin resistant but not insulin sensitive or diabetic subjects. These findings suggest that inflammatory cells contribute to insulin resistance-associated impairment of preadipocytes differentiation, perhaps via elevation of cytokines secretion. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying impaired preadipocyte differentiation associated with insulin resistance may help future treatment strategies.


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