THE USE OF WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS IN AGRICULTUTE A TOOL FOR A SUSTAINABLE FOOD SUPPLY IN THE ARAB WORLD In this paper some ideas of how to apply the technological advancement of the wireless sensor networks (WSN) in agriculture as a tool for food security is discussed. This will include some examples where the technology can be applied, what changes can this technology brings to the traditional farming, which can help within the solution of the Arab World food security problems. This will help the region to develop and be part of the global strategy for the World food security. WSN features of having a low power consummation nature with different options of using different energy sources will make it as the just technology suitable in a remote and less or without infrastructural bases environment for many countries within the region. The applications of WSN which are suitable for the purpose will be discussed. Keywords: WSN, Food Security, Agriculture in Arab region, WSN Farmer Kits Tool, Energy Sources. Introduction Arabic countries are naturally rich, many countries within the region have a wide virgin land. But unfortunately some of these countries have been a focus in term of food shortages for long time which cause by many factors like land degradation, water crisis, land deals, climate change, agricultural disease, governing system, wars, population growth, land use change, living style change, high prices and lack of technology. As technology has rational parts in solving the most difficult problems for today's society, WSN can be applied in agriculture to reduce or solve this problem. Use of WSN in Agriculture as a solution As traditional farming is the lead in the region, people use their own human sense to perceive the surrounding to investigate the soil and predict the weather. But the remote sensing of the WSN as an activity of recording, observing, perceiving objects or events, wirelessly these happenings are processes and analyzed in a real time. The idea of applying this technology is to be adopted in different applications shortly can be said here. *Soil Investigation by using the specialized soil test sensor detectors to determine the fertility of soil nutrient deficiencies, elements like Nitrogen is very important for plants. *Weather Prediction by using a web data from WSN can be transmitted enabling a remote online interactive retrieval access, and then these data can be shared with the farmers. *Detection of ground water using WSN the level and the amount of sufficient water can be detected before planting. *Using the WSN the water and the area can be controlled during irrigation which will help in reducing the energy consumption. *Food storage system will be advanced by the use of WSN in knowing usage validity time and the space of storing. *Knowing where how and when to deliver what kind of product by using WSN will help in the logistical distribution of crops. *Farming Dissemination by using an integrated WSN tool kit messages can be disseminated.


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