Volume 2014, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 2218-7480
  • EISSN:


In this interview Prof. Ravi Ravindra reflects on the relationship between science and religion. Is there a inherent conflict between the two? Can we know the Ultimate Reality or prove the existence of God through science? What are the limits of science? As he explains, so much depends on what we mean by God or science. But for him there cannot in principle be any conflict between scientific research and spiritual search. No true scientist can be untouched by the grandeur of the vastness of the cosmos and the harmony of the intricate natural laws. If such feelings are not suppressed by some cultural conditioning, the resulting rapturous amazement is bound to lead one to an ardent reflection on one’s place in this immensity. These feeling experiences are the intimations of the Sacred.


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  • Article Type: Discussion
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