Volume 2015, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 2218-7480
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Most traditional or native societies based on various sources have constructed particular systems dealing with every aspect of human life. Besides social, religio-cultural, economic and governing systems, they created also what is academically known today as work ethics. In this article, the authors have explored one of such systems developed by the traditional people of Ghana, namely, Akan. As the authors clearly pointed out, there are numerous foundations based upon which work ethics among Akan people are worked out. Here, it is not only their religious and cultural believes that played very important role, but also their personal attained knowledge and experiences over the ages as well as ecological environment that naturally supports the development of given ethical approaches to work that in this respects refers predominantly to agricultural and fishing industries or more precisely, terrestrial and oceanic spaces of work. The study also highlights an entire cosmography of Akan as well as their worldview regarding the Supreme Being and the rest of creation seen in hierarchical order that makes a web of interconnected universe. The proper knowledge of this hierarchy of beings on the one hand and the natural world on the other hand results in harmony within different types of beings as it provides the best economical results for the working people.


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