Volume 2022 Number 1
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has triggered a global emergency in all social realms, including but not restricted to the economy, health, and education. The health sector requires all healthcare professionals to be well-equipped with the latest advances in knowledge and research through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and postgraduate training programs such as residencies and fellowships.1 These educational endeavors have been severely affected and potentially compromised since they heavily rely on learning through face-to-face interactive activities.2 This is a narrative review that discusses the utilization of distance learning in CPD and postgraduate training programs, and the potential for a more active utilization in the post- COVID-19 era as one of the effective tools to meet healthcare practitioners’ education, training, and professional development needs. Through this review, we propose a shift towards a more active utilization of online tools for on-site and distance healthcare training and CPD activities, via online platforms that offer video and audio facilities. The advantages of this approach include the flexibility of using such methods, being more convenient, cost-effective, as well as promising continuity even in challenging situations like the current pandemic, aiming at equipping healthcare personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure safe and effective care for their patients. This is in consideration to several key features for effective distance learning platforms.3Figure 1 is a conceptual framework that summarizes this approach and addresses the problem, solutions, and challenges to overcome. The current traditional educational model of healthcare training, education, and CPD have been challenged in terms of its effectiveness and continuity, especially during complicated situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, this model needs to evolve and utilize distance learning solutions in the era post-COVID-19, in order to guarantee its continuity to equip healthcare workers with the needful skills for safe and effective patient care.


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