2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


Pain is a very common reason for presenting to the Emergency Department (ED). While the causes for pain are diverse, ranging from fractures and other injuries to chest or abdominal pain or headache, the provision of effective, timely analgesia should be one of the principal goals of emergency staff . Inadequate pain relief and poor treatment in pain management in ED was highlighted by Wilson and Pendleton and they coined the term oligoanalgesia to describe this phenomenon. They found that only 44% of patients with pain received analgesics in the ED, and sub therapeutic dosing was common.

This was a prospective observational study conducted in HGH ED after approval from Department of Emergency Medicine Audit & Ethical Committee, investigators were divided over shifts in ED for 2 weeks. Total of 448 patients were recruited. Inclusion criteria were any patient presented to Ed in acute pain over the last 24 hour, age >18 years old. Patients in life threatening conditions, major trauma, altered mental status or communication difficulties were excluded.

Total of 448 patients were recruited. Of which 358 number were males, 90 Number were females. Trauma-related cases composed about 100 number (22.3%) of the pain cases. The number of pain medications prescribed to patients throughout the ED course and upon discharge was recorded.

The administration of pain-relieving medications in the ED was associated with significant pain reduction upon disposition. However, pain was still inadequately treated and scoring was not adequately recorded in patient files. Need for proper structured approach for pain management in HGH ED is warranted.


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