Volume 2008, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 0253-8253
  • E-ISSN: 2227-0426


We read with interest reports in Al Jazeera News(1) and Reuters News(2) of a new tuberculosis vaccine trial in South Africa and are pleased to learn that the Phase IIMVA85 A trial will begin shortly in the Western Cape, South Africa. The vaccine was developed by researchers at Oxford University and it works in tandem with BCG and acts as a booster to the older vaccine. Previous tests have already shown it produces a very high immune response but the key is to show it actually prevents disease. This vaccine passed Phase I clinical trials in Britain(3), and Africa (Gambia)(4), and is now starting Phase II clinical trials in Cape Town, South Africa(5). Although it is the first subunit TB vaccine that has entered clinical practice, it is NOT the first TB vaccine in clinical trials nor is it the first vaccine in Africa. This is the in clinical trials and in clinical trials in Africa(6). The MVA85A vaccine has just entered the Phase II clinical trials while an inactivated whole cell mycobacterial vaccine completed two Phase II clinical trials, one in Europe(7) (Finland) and the other in Africa(8) (Zambia) and also completed Phase III clinical trial in HIV+ve patients BCG primed in Africa(9).


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