Volume 2002, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 0253-8253
  • EISSN: 2227-0426


Fifty eight patients between the ages of six months and five years were studied in a randomized double-blind trial to determine whether dexamethasone has a role in the outpatient management of patients with acute viral croup of moderate severity. For various reasons, twelve were excluded from the final results. In the 46 patients who completed the study (32 males, 14 females) the only significant differences detected between the treatment groups were that the duration ofrhinorrhea was longer in the dexamethasone group compared with placebo (median 2,5 days vs 1,5 day) and the pre-discharge croup score was higher in the dexamethasone group compared with placebo (2 vs 0).

Conclusion: The use of dexamethasone in the outpatient management of viral croup is associated with a reduction in the severity of illness within 24 hours of treatment. Patients with viral croup of moderate severity should be considered candidates for the use of dexamethasone before discharge from the paediatric emergency clinic.


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