Volume 2018, Issue 2
  • E-ISSN: 2616-4930


Nowadays, Big Data is experiencing an exponential growth in all domains of life. The total amount of data created in the world from the beginning of time up until 2005 is now created every 48 hours! Big Data represents large datasets that cannot be analyzed using traditional computing techniques. Big Data has the potential to transform many aspects of our modern life, such as healthcare services, traditional businesses, politics, and security. Today, Big Data analytics (BDA) is used to predict whether a marriage will be successful or not. Scientists are currently using BDA to predict diseases that will affect humans, in order to invent suitable personal genome-based drugs. This study provides an abstracted review of Big Data applications in order to emphasize the uses of BDA in the following four domains of life: health, education, business and finance, and security and privacy. It also presents summarized reviews of the amazing aspects of Big Data applications, especially in the last four years. Most of the studies reviewed in this article were conducted and published in the last four years.


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  • Article Type: Review Article
Keyword(s): Big Data , Big Data analysis , Big Data applications and cloud computing
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