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Hamad General Hospital is the main provider of hemodialysis (HD) in Qatar, for approximately 650 patients per year. Over 60% of these patients have Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and 55% of them suffer from end stage renal disease (ESRD). 2% of ESRD patients develop DM after their first year of dialysis1. The aims of this quality improvement study were early DM detection, risk factors modifications, and reduction of diabetes complications in our patients. A risk assessment tool was adapted to identify the risk level of HD patients to develop DM2. They were screened to determine their risk score across 8 categories. Six categories (gender, history of gestational diabetes, family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, physical activity and smoking) were scored 0 to 1, age was scored 0 to 3, and relationship between weight and height scored 1 to 3. (Overall score range: 1-12). Patients were classified into two groups: a low-risk group (score < 5) and a high-risk group (score ≥ 5)3. Patients were referred to different medical specialties for further management according to the risk factor and a lifestyle modification management plan was set individually. 189 non-diabetic dialysis patients were screened in the first quarter of 2020, their mean age was 51 years-old, and 69% were male. Forty-three percent of patients were found to be at high risk of developing DM. The most important risk factors were family history (55%), obesity (40%), age >60 years (32%), low physical activity (14%), and smoking (11%) (Figure 1). Thirty-seven percent of patients were referred to the obesity clinic, 10% to the smoking cessation clinic, 5% to physiotherapy, and 100% of patients were referred to the multidisciplinary care (Figure 2). Screening for diabetes is pivotal for early detection and risk factor modification in dialysis patients. We recommend quarterly data assessment and evaluation so patients can be managed according to the findings.


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