2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


The last cholera epidemic in Sudan occurred in 2006/07, over 20,000 cases (4% case fatality rate) were recorded, index case was coming from South Sudan. In regard to recent outbreak in South Sudan June 2015, Sudan carried out preparedness procedures to prevent cholera spread. The uncontrollable open borders and the South Sudan refugees-over 198,000 – settled in Sudan poses a great cholera spread risk.

To illustrate cholera preparedness and response activities.

Comprehensive study utilize data collected from reports of cholera higher committee, investigation for cholera rumors, risk assessment missions for refugee camps and preparedness strengthening missions to States bordering South Sudan.

Higher committee was developed to undertake and follow preparedness activities under areas of surveillance, health promotion, environmental health, case management and points of entry (POE). Surveillance system was enhanced in all sentinel sites (1522) including refugee camps, daily zero reports were activated. Training for Rapid response teams and health cadres at hospital were achieved in all States with (70%) of the target. 39 rumors for cholera were investigated, laboratory test indicated negative results. Regarding case management; Cholera kits, protocols and leaflets were distributed to all States, isolation areas were established in Khartoum and bordering States. Preventative precautions at POE were implemented to rehabilitated isolation area at Khartoum airport and establish case referral system. Trips coming from South Sudan were observed throughout the period of the outbreak and leaflet distributed to passengers Actions were carried out urgently to allow chlorination of water in all States and provide deep trench latrines with 50% of target with focusing on refugee camps. Administration of cholera vaccine recommended by WHO assessment mission at refugee camps.

Significant government and partners commitment to avail resources was observed. Efforts done lead to reduce possibility of cholera spread especially at refugee camps.


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