2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


Age and sex are major determinants of cancer incidence. The objective of the study is to explore epidemiology of cancer in Jordan by age and sex for 2001–2011.

Descriptive study done, cases were identified from Jordan cancer registry (JCR), all Jordanian cancers patients that diagnosed and registered in 2001–2011 were included variables collected SPSS 20 used for analysis.

Total number of cases in JCR were (45063), 22009 (48.8%) were males (23054) (51.2%) were females, M:F ratio 0.95:1. There is difference of distribution of cancer cases by age group, sex, (41.5%) of the cases in < 60 years, Male (57.7%) than female (42.3%), while females (60.1%) more common in the age group 30–59 years than males (39.9%), in the age>15 years males (57.8%) were more than female (42.2%). Top ten cancers in by different age groups: leukemia, lymphoma, and brain were predominant cancers in 0–19 years in both sexes, while breast cancer is the commonest cancer in female in 20–49 years then thyroid cancer. In males, lymphoma and colorectal are the commonest. In the age group < 50 years breast cancer (33.7%), again is the first in females followed by colorectal cancer (12.1%) while in males lung cancer (14.8%), colorectal (14.5%) and prostate cancers (11.6%) are the commonest.

There is variation of percentages of top ten cancers by different age groups in Jordan compared with other countries, efforts and attention to each age group and sex with type of cancer should be consider in cancer prevention. Further detailed studies about risk factors of cancer to age group and sex. Considering these data about age and sex in cancer screening programs in the future.


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