2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


It has been found that 89% of the ED staff in HGH has very low knowledge on the approach of SBAR, due to which they don't converse it accordingly with other staff especially during endorsements, face-face & critical call scenarios.

To increase and standardize the usage of SBAR as a communication tool among the clinical staff in the ED of high to 100% by FEB 2016.

The project was done in an iterative four-step continuous improvement method through careful monitoring in various areas of ED to collect the baseline data. SBAR champions were chosen from each area to facilitate and coordinate the project to most of ED. SBAR endorsement form was introduced for the nurses between shifts to notify information. Nurse educators & quality reviewers decided on educational sessions for the ED-nurses which consisted of role play, scenario based & simulation training for the nurses to make them understand the relevance of SBAR. A monitoring tool was developed for secret audit on SBAR usage to know the efficacy in the area.

There has been a spike in the usage of SBAR by the nurses during the endorsement time and between the work schedules. With the help of the CN's and SBAR champions who regularly change from day to day, Careful monitoring has been placed in various areas of the ED which has led to such significant achievement. As of now the measurement and the testing has been done with the nurses, physicians, ECG technicians, respiratory therapists and also the quality reviewers. we are soon planning to include ems for the same training by end of February, we will make sure the whole ED will be talking & reporting in SBAR.

Interprofessional communication activity is needed at the entry level for all professionals. SBAR - teachable skill that is recognized by all healthcare workers as safe effective method of communicating among providers. We will soon spread this communication between units & during transfers also. Registration number: 0000-0003-0866-6512.


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