Volume 2015, Issue 2
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  1. Fröbert O, Lagerqvist B, Olivecrona GK, Omerovic E, Gudnason T, Maeng M, Aasa M, Angerås O, Calais F, Danielewicz M, Erlinge D, Hellsten L, Jensen U, Johansson AC, Kåregren A, Nilsson J, Robertson L, Sandhall L, Sjögren I, Östlund O, Harnek J. Thrombus Aspiration during ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. N. Engl. J. Med. 2013;15871597, doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1308789.
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  2. Elmahdy MF. TASTE: To aspirate, or not to aspirate, remains a question. Glob. Cardiol. Sci. Pract. 2014; 6.
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  3. Lagerqvist B, Fröbert O, Olivecrona GK, Gudnason T, Maeng M, Alström P, Andersson J, Calais F, Carlsson J, Collste O, Götberg M, Hårdhammar P, Ioanes D, Kallryd A, Linder R, Lundin A, Odenstedt J, Omerovic E, Puskar V, Tödt T, Zelleroth E, Östlund O, James SK. Outcomes 1 Year after Thrombus Aspiration for Myocardial Infarction. N Engl J Med. 2014;11111120, doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1405707.
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  4. Sarno G, Lagerqvist B, Fröbert O, Nilsson J, Olivecrona G, Omerovic E, Saleh N, Venetzanos D, James S. Lower risk of stent thrombosis and re-stenosis with unrestricted use of “new generation” drug-eluting stents: a report from the nationwide Swedish Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty Registry (SCAAR). Eur Hear. J. 2012; 33::606613.
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  5. Sarno G, Lagerqvist B, Nilsson J, Frobert O, Hambraeus K, Varenhorst C, Jensen UJ, Tödt T, Götberg M, James SK. Stent thrombosis in new generation drug eluting stents in patients with STEMI undergoing primary PCI: a report from SCAAR. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014; 64:1624.
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  6. Vlaar PJ, Svilaas T, van der Horst IC, Diercks GF, Fokkema ML, deSmet BJ, van den Heuvel AF, Anthonio RL, Jessurun GA, Tan ES, Suurmeijer AJZF. Cardiac death and reinfarction after 1 year in the thrombus aspiration during percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction study (TAPAS): A 1- year follow-up study. Lancet. 2008; 371:19151920.
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  7. Costopoulos C, Gorog DADM, C KN. Use of thrombectomy devices in primary percutaneous coronary intervention: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Int J Cardiol. 2013; 163:229241.
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  8. Svilaas T, Vlaar PJ, van der Horst IC, Diercks GFH, de Smet BJGL, van den Heuvel AFM, Anthonio RL, Jessurun GA, Tan E-S, Suurmeijer AJH, Zijlstra F. Thrombus aspiration during primary percutaneous coronary intervention. N Engl J Med. 2008; 358:557567.
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  9. Stone GW, Maehara A, Witzenbichler B, Godlewski J, Parise H, Dambrink JH, Ochala A, Carlton TW, Cristea E, Wolff SD, Brener SJ, Chowdhary S, El-Omar M, Neunteufl T, Metzger DC, Karwoski T, Dizon JM, Mehran R, Gibson CM. Intracoronary abciximab and aspiration thrombectomy in patients with large anterior myocardial infarction: the INFUSE-AMI randomized trial. JAMA. 2012; 307:18171826.
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  10. Stone GW, Witzenbichler B, Godlewski J, Dambrink JH, Ochala A, Chowdhary S, El-Omar M, Neunteufl T, Metzger DC, Dizon JM, Wolff SD, Brener SJ, Mehran R, Maehara A, Gibson CM. Intralesional abciximab and thrombus aspiration in patients with large anterior myocardial infarction: one- year results from the INFUSE-AMI trial. Circ Cardiovasc Interv. 2013; 6::527534.
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