Mitral Valve Interstitial Cells (MVICs) are distributed throughout the valve leaflets. It is predicted that some cells exist under hypoxic conditions. Hypoxia is an important stimulus for signalling pathways that affect cell growth differentiation and function. This study examines the effect of various degrees of hypoxia on MVICs growth, survival, morphological and phenotypic behaviour. Porcine MVICs were primarily isolated and incubated under atmospheric control (20% O2), mild hypoxia (5% O2), moderate (2% O2) and severe (0.5% O2) for 1 and 3 days. Cell proliferation and cell death were assessed using biochemical assays. Cell morphology was assessed by immunofluorescence staining. Cells were also stained for phenotypic expression of endothelial, myofibroblastic and smooth muscle markers. After 24 hours incubation at the different O2 concentrations there was no significant difference in cell growth or death. After 3 days incubation cells under atmospheric O2 (150±8%*) and 5% (124±5%), 2% (146±8%*) and 0.5% (161±8%*) all showed increase in cell number compared to start of the experiment (*=P<0.05).However, there was no significant difference between each of the groups. Cell death was significantly reduced under hypoxia (atmospheric O2 (10.65%±1.72) and 5% (8.5%±1.0%), 2% (6.25%±0.24%*) and 0.5% (4.02±0.45%*) O2 (*=P<0.05). Cells were significantly bigger at 3 days under hypoxic conditions but retained the same shape. MVICs continued to express similar levels of myofibroblastic markers αSMA and Vimentin under hypoxic conditions after 3 days but showed weak expression of smooth muscle cell markers. This study serves to define the role of hypoxia in VICs in terms of cell growth, death, morphology and phenotype. These properties further highlight the specialised function of cells that reside in heart valves and have important relevance to heart valve tissue engineering.


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  • Accepted: 30 May 2012
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