Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center Journal

Instructions to Authors
The research submitted must demonstrate a link to the specialized field of anti-corruption. Experimental, theoretical, and descriptive studies are accepted, however, these must offer insights into issues of general interest to the journal. All submissions are checked for plagiarism using the CrossCheck tool. If plagiarism is discovered, the paper will not be published. Plagiarism means using another person’s ideas, research processes, results, or wording as one’s own, so please ensure that others' work is paraphrased and cited accurately even if it is your own previously published work. Please refer to our policies for more detail which apply to all HBKU Press journals including ROLACC:
Editorial, Ethical and Copyright Policies https://www.qscience.com/editorial_policy 
Open Access Policy https://www.qscience.com/open_access 
Peer Reviewing Policy https://www.qscience.com/reviewer_guidelines 

Submission of Articles: Contributions to be sent by email to [email protected] (no submission charges).
*Authors should have strong records in research and should have a reasonable publications record in reputable journals.
 *يتعين ان يكون للكاتب سجل راسخ في مجال الأبحاث و عدد معقول من المنشورات في المجلات العلمية المعترف بها 

Article Processing Charges: Funded in full by the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center, Qatar. 

Manuscript Preparation:
Please save your manuscript into the following separate files – Cover file, Manuscript and Appendix. To ensure anonymity in the review process, do not include the names of authors or institution in the abstract or body of the manuscript. Please submit these files as Word files:

1) Cover page file: This includes the title of the article, authors’ names (in Arabic and English for Arabic articles), affiliations of all authors, and email address of the corresponding author, and abstract.

2) Main file: This should be up to 8000 words maximum. It includes the title of paper, an abstract (200-300 words); 5-6 keywords which researchers of the field are likely to use when searching for an article like yours; and references (see below). This is the file which goes to peer-reviewers, so ensure it does not reveal authors names or affiliations.

3) Appendix files: Tables, images, graphs files should be clearly labelled. You may have them all in one file or separate files. The location of tables and figures should be indicated in the body of the article. Tables are needed in a text model (use create tables option in Word), not as images. All illustrations should be numbered and have clear relevant captions.  

Formatting & Style: Please refer to the Style Guide in English and in Arabic for details.

Headings: A numbering system like 1., 1.1., 1.1.1.; 2.,2.1.,2.2.2 etc is required for ease of readability, especially if the article contains several levels of subheadings.

Citation and References The Bluebook, current edition, is the citation initial style guide. Where the Bluebook offers a choice, follow this guide. The Redbook, Second Edition, will be used to resolve any additional style questions.

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