Volume 2016, Issue 1
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Traditional woman has been the custodian of pleasure, and the dis-pensing of pleasure has been a large part of her glory and power. Too often, in these later days, womankind has been disposed to discredit her own natural glories and powers by becoming an imitator of man. This is really giving to man-power and man-function a greater tribute than they deserve. That essence the outer embodiment of which is woman in a peculiar sense constitutes a need of this world today that is especially poignant. There is too great an over-balance of harsh willfulness abroad in the world. Consequently, there is a need for the counter-balancing forces, and these woman, alone, is really competent to exercise. Among these essentially feminine qualities the following stand out: Beauty, Mercy, Tenderness, Charm, Ecstasy, preservation of proven values, etc. It is a grave mistake to regard these powers as inferior to the Creative Will, the Will to Power, the Daring of the Unknown, and the Judgment that peculiarly mark the masculine principle. The latter powers are unques-tionably indispensable both in the world-field and for Inward Penetra¬tion, but by themselves they are unbalanced and can easily drop from a constructive to a destructive level. The isolated masculine principle cannot check this tendency and, so, right here is where the feminine quality is grievously needed. The feminine powers are just as strong as the mas-culine, although they function in a more subtle way. We greatly need more women who justly appreciate the ancient and natural feminine powers and arts. Man is Siva, the formless Light; woman is Shakti, the Current which opposes and embodies the Light. Without embodiment, the Light of Consciousness remains void of self-consciousness. Since self-consciousness is the one great achieved value, it is easy to see how vitally important the Shakti principle is. In Her highest aspect, Woman is the Celestial Virgin, and this is none other than the Current of Bliss. The Current is a Virgin, because of the quality of ever-becoming-new. Though impregnated by the Fire of Wis¬dom, yet She remains a Virgin because She is ever-changing within Her own Self-identity. The union of Wisdom and the Virgin gives birth to the Christ, and this is the real Immaculate Conception. This union is the untellable Joy of which all lesser ecstasies are but faint shadows. So, deep and lasting Joy is the true sign of the genuine and noble religiosity. Aus¬tere gloom in the name of religion is a sacrilege and sign of failure. Only false religion is dreary. The Holy is Free and Joyful.


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Keyword(s): Women, India, Shiva, Shakti
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