3 - Special Issue on Comparative Law
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In this study, the researcher seeks to develop a system for appointing the crown prince in GCC countries by employing objective principles and rules when deciding who to appoint as crown prince. On the basis of these, the people of each state would have a role in choosing the future ruler. In this study, the researcher highlights two experiences relating to the succession that occurred during the period of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. These experiences are known as the 'istikhlaf' (the process of choosing a successor). It is true that these two experiences occurred spontaneously and were not repeated, so no clear rules were established regarding them. Nevertheless, they reveal clearly how a set of principles was observed when a caliph was choosing his successor. He did not choose one of his relatives or someone who was not worthy of being ruler. Moreover, Muslims were not obliged to accept his opinion or his choice.


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