Volume 2014, Issue 1
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  1. Sun JC, Davidson MJ, Lamy A, Eikelboom JW. Anti thrombotic management of patients with prosthetic heart valves: current evidence and future trends. Lancet. 2009; 374:9689:565576.
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  6. Connolly SJ, Ezekowitz MD, Yusuf S, Eikelboom J, Oldgren J, Parekh A, Pogue J, Reilly PA, Themeles E, Varrone J, Wang S, Alings M, Xavier D, Zhu J, Diaz R, Lewis BS, Darius H, Diener HC, Joyner CD, Wallentin L, RE-LY Steering Committee and Investigators . Dabigatran versus warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation. N Engl J Med. 2009; 361:12:11391151, [Erratum, N Engl J Med 2010;363:1877.].
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  8. Van de Werf F, Brueckmann M, Connolly SJ, Friedman J, Granger CB, Härtter S, Harper R, Kappetein AP, Lehr T, Mack MJ, Noack H, Eikelboom JW. A comparison of dabigatran etexilate with warfarin in patients with mechanical heart valves: the Randomized, Phase II Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Oral Dabigatran Etexilate in Patients after Heart Valve Re-placement (RE-ALIGN). Am Heart J. 2012; 163::931937.
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