oa A Framework for Family-Sensitive Social Protection

image of A Framework for Family-Sensitive Social Protection

Recognizing that social protection policies operate in diverse sociocultural and economic contexts, this report seeks to expand conventional perspectives on the design and evaluation of these welfare-related measures, which benefit individuals and tend to be concerned with significant issues such as poverty, gender equality, and child development. The goal of this report is to highlight an additional perspective, which emphasizes the impact of social protection on family stability and cohesion over the life course.

The conceptual framework for Family-Sensitive Social Protection (FSSP) offers an alternative lens through which to assess a vast array of social protection measures. Unlike other analytic frameworks on social protection which focus on designing and assessing the effects of policy measures on particular problems such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, educational achievement, and health, FSSP is concerned with the impact of social policies on the more general institution of the family, which involves spousal and intergenerational interactions over the life course.

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