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Higher Education Institutions Countering Violent Extremism

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This book focuses on the role of higher education in countering violent extremism (VE), a threat much wider than conventional terrorism. The pandemic fed frustrations, which were fueled by social isolation. The result has been a combination of terrorist threats and disorganized violence. Several chapters examine the roots of radicalization, particularly during the pandemic, and the risks and opportunities for global terrorist organizations. Other chapters address the ways in which jihadist and far-right groups are learning from each other through social media, the impact of refugees and migration, and how small states cope with foreign terrorist fighters and displaced persons.

Solutions to the challenges of VE and terrorism are complex, especially under the unprecedented pressures of the pandemic. Higher education institutions play a crucial role. They support the research that helps us understand the threat. They can help design the tools to deliver information and education to marginalized groups. They inform action through education to support global citizenship.

1st edition


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