The majority of modern urban developments are designed to be sustainable and smart. Lusail City is one of the world's largest urban development projects. Located in the north of Qatar's capital Doha, it will be home to 250,000 people once completed. A project of this size means substantial challenges in planning and coordinating the design, construction and operation to create an environment with enhanced quality of life and sustainable living. Therefore, it is vital to have a structured and consistent knowledge collection and information base. The base of a sustainable and smart city is the utilization of that knowledge and information. 3D asset management enables the utilization of information from all project phases and the management of the entire project life cycle. Mobile viewers are used to facilitate the cooperation, communication and data collection on-site in real time. Equipped with GIS, the mobile viewers deliver any location-enriched data, from any place, at any time. During the presentation, we will aim to cover the following topics: (1) reaching required goals to be a sustainable and smart city; (2) defining data standards; (3) data collection; (4) implementing intelligent software solutions. Towards the end of the presentation, we will showcase the potential outcome by using a clearly structured information base. HOCHTIEF ViCon is the leading service provider and consultant for virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). According to our principle “build digitally first”, we advise and assist our clients in the use of intelligent 3D computer models in order to minimize risks early on, communicate effectively, and save cost. We have gained experience on more than 450 projects in Europe, MENA, Americas, and Australia.


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