This work focuses on miscellaneous means to measure students� performance which requires hard work, commitment, collaborative and organizational skills, true communication and engagement. Using Mobile Learning and other technology is often challenging to students� capabilities and sometimes intimidating, especially for those who have never used it before. In this study, we will discuss how students� classroom use of the Mobile Learning can make a significant improvement when it is well integrated and adopted in students personal skills such as; using organization, communication , assuming responsibilities, critical reading and writing, , problem solving, class engagement, increasing learning interest, emphasizing communities contribution and self evaluation. We will also discuss students� struggle which is not academic, but rather a lack of individual and personal skills. We will discuss students� environment, delivery mode and the associated learning process that show a significant improvement in students� way of learning. This study is a sample of U.G.R.U. IT students selected in Fall Semester 2012 by U.A.E.U. Instructors.


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