The pressing challenge of being in a creativity economy paradigm means that many cities are now looking for ways to be creative not only through their components, but also with their management and development procedures. Creativity and innovation are currently seen as the most important aspects of development. The paper will analyze the shift over the past decade which reveals how numerous cities view creativity as an essential vehicle to survive in the globalized world today. It will use Doha as a case study with a specific interest in its emerging cultural facilities and museums. The necessity of creative cities in the Middle East was not scientifically or intellectually explored. This paper is an attempt to fill the academic and research gap in implementing the creative city principles within a Middle Eastern context and particularly in Doha. The process of constructing Middle Eastern creative cities should be shifted from focusing on creating isolated and separate creativity centers to a process by which creative networks are established and shared by different sectors of the community. The paper will also argue that creative cities should be perceived as the opportunity for new sustainable growth and prosperity in the global knowledge-based economy. Two museums in Doha will be analyzed as case studies for establishing the concept of creative city. The role of cultural facilities and museums in Qatar's plan for development will be explored. The two museums are the Museum of Islamic art and Qatar National Museum. Both are carefully integrated in the Doha city, rather than set apart in an isolated location. The paper will argue that Doha's new identity as a creative city is fundamentally substantiated by the creation and building of such museums. It will illustrate the role of the two museums in the coming development and social paradigms which Qatar will experience in the coming decades. The paper will conclude with a comprehensive model illustrating how museums can be a catalyst for development in contemporary creative city like Doha.


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