In recent years’ 3D printing, has shown exponential growth in clinical medicine, research, and education (Carlos et al.). Imaging departments are at the center of 3D printing service delivery, efforts of establishing a 3D printing lab, and making it a unique contribution towards patient care (Kent Thielen et al.). Building a fully electronic medical record (EMR) integrated workflow to deliver 3D services offers unique advantages for clinicians. In Sidra Medicine, we have successfully tested the electronic process by generating 3D orders and delivering the printed models such as hearts, skulls, and mandibles. To facilitate clinicians and 3D printing lab staff, we developed an automatic workflow in our EMR and radiology information system (RIS). Clinicians use our Cerner EMR to order 3D printing services by selecting the available 3D printing orders for each modality i.e. MR, CT, and US. The order also allows them to add their requirements by filling out relevant Order entry fields (OEFs). 3D printing orders populate the RIS worklist for 3D lab staff to start, complete, and document the service process. Consultation with ordering clinicians and radiologists is also vital in 3D printing process, so we developed a message template for the communication between lab staff and clinicians, which also has the capability to attach 3D model PDFs. 3D Lab staff upload the models to our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) before completing, storing the models in the patient»s record. Building a 3D workflow in an existing EMR has potential benefits to facilitate the 3D service delivery process. It allows 3D printing to rank amongst other modalities important for patient care by living where all other clinical care orders reside. It also allows 3D Lab staff to document the process through quick communication.


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