Hypertension prevalence around the world has risen over the last few years. The gulf countries has become one of the most affected countries in the world. Saudi Arabia only estimated that 24% of the current population is suffering from hypertension. This has been attributed to elements such as lack of proper management systems for hypertension and inadequate education systems in the region. In addition to this health problem, gulf countries have increased its use of smart phones. The country's access to the internet has also increased.

Therefore, SHAMS aims to fill the gap of lacking special hypertension education program in gulf countries using mobile health technology such as a private social network for hypertensive patients in gulf countries. The system contains of two units: (1) medical staff whom might be hypertension educator. (2) hypertensive patients.

SHAMS system allows the medical staff to taught the hypertensive patient through private social network. The hypertension educator can Post information, Videos and pictures and also answer the hypertensive inquiries through the SHAMS. On the other hand, the hypertensive patients can share his thoughts with his doctor/educator and with other hypertensive patients in the SHAMS network.

In conclusion, there is substantial support for the adoption of the use SHAMS in order to improve the health awareness of hypertensive patients in Saudi Arabia. The research work is currently on-going, with a focus on the design and implementation of the integrated architecture with regard to SHAMS to be further evaluated and developed in the KSA.


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