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About the Set
ISSN: 2312-5004
Volume 2 in UCL Qatar Series in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.
This set (part 1 & 2 books, a map, and a video) presents the results of an interdisciplinary research project on the ancient sandstone quarries and quarrying in the vicinity of the Royal City of Meroe, Republic of Sudan.
About Part 1
A team of international researchers present their research on all aspects of quarrying: history, geology, quarrying technique, graffiti in quarries, Meroitic and Greek inscriptions in quarries, as well as the petrography of Nubian sandstone. A final chapter deals with the challenges of surveying quarries in the desert. All articles have extensive Arabic summaries.
 DOI: 10.5339/uclq.2018.9789927118876
 A map in A0 format of the wider study area, with individual quarry locations marked. PDF – 25 MB
This two-part set is accompanied by five short educational and illustrative slideshows in English and Arabic about the authors’ work on the sandstone quarries around Meroe. The highlight is a 5-minute aerial and underground ‘fly-through’ video presenting quarry Q41, the largest and most impressive of the gallery quarries in the study area, available in 2D or 3D. All videos are available here:
This publication and the associated videos were made possible by NPRP grant 5-879-6-025 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation). The statements made herein are solely the responsibility of the author(s).

Table of Contents

1. Foreword, Thilo Rehren
2. Introduction, Brigitte Cech
3. Geology of the study area, Robert Bussert
4. Meroitic quarrying, Brigitte Cech
5. Typology of toolmarks, Alexandra Steiner
6. Petrography of sandstone samples from selected quarries, Brigitte Cech and Robert Bussert
7. Graffiti of the ancient sandstone quarries of Meroe: an overview, Cornelia Kleinitz
8. Meroitic cursive inscriptions in the sandstone quarries of Meroe, Jochen Hallof and Cornelia Kleinitz
9. Medieval graffiti in the sandstone quarries of Meroe: texts, monograms and cryptograms of Christian Nubia, Alexandros Tsakos and Cornelia Kleinitz
10. Short note on a test-trench in quarry Q49, Pawel Wolf and Brigitte Cech
11. Geodetic survey and cartography of the study area, Frank N. Stremke
12. Catalogue of sandstone samples from selected quarries, Brigitte Cech 

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