The rapid developments in technology makes it a must for educators to figure ways in which these tools can be utilized for educational excellence. The availability of various tools can mount pressure on teachers and other education stakeholders to weave such tools into everyday practices of educational institutions in order to transform education to become more relevant and effective. The new technologies have also paved the way for new trends and models in education. Currently, the “Flipped Learning” is gaining increasing attention because of its powerful idea of making efficient utilization of both students’ and teachers’ time in schools and homes. The model is based on promising ideas such as competency learning, increasing interaction and collaboration between students and teachers, saving teacher’s time, helping all kinds of students to excel especially students with special needs, and helping students to reach higher order thinking. However, earlier educational initiatives have proven to be complex and their implementations are challenging due to the various factors that might interfere with the implementation process. The aim of the current study was to investigate the experience of three Jordanian schools which implemented the Flipped Learning model from teachers’ point of view as they are the ultimate implementers of any educational initiatives. The study employs questionnaires for collecting data from 120 teachers who were active implementers of the Flipped Learning model in the participating schools. The findings of the study are expected to shed the light on several factors that can derail the Flipped Learning projects as well as factors that can facilitate its implementation which can provide guidelines for other schools that are trying to adopt this model.


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  • Received: 30 April 2015
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