This work considers the deployment of the binary consensus algorithm in wireless sensor networks (WSN). This algorithm is applied for the evaluation of the average measurement with the presence of a faulty/attacked node. As this algorithm has been tested theoretically, we deploy it in real life, including its distributed and routing features. In this paper, we propose the development, under simulation environment, of a distributed binary consensus algorithm. We formulate the algorithm into nesC derived from C language and running over the tiny operating system (TinyOS). The implementation was tested on sensor nodes using the TinyOSSimulator (Tossim) for a large number of nodes N and a testbed with a limited number of nodes. In performance evaluation, we considered the analysis of the average convergence time for node states to a consensus value. As in analytical results, in the simulations we applied the distributed algorithm for fully connected, paths, cycles Erdos Reny random, and starr-shaped graph topologies. Our achieved results of simulation and hardware implementations are consistent with theory.


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