2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


Sleeve gastrectomy has been a rising trend in management of morbid obesity in the Qatari population. National health insurance has included sleeve gastrectomy in the coverage scheme for patients with BMI of 40 or above, which has contributed to the consistent increase.

We aim to highlight one complication that we saw in our clinical practice of a 32 years old female who developed acute foot drop after sleeve gastrectomy. Clinical Scenario: We have been consulted to see a wheel chair bound 26 years old female who suffers from acute foot drop. The presentation was dramatic to the extent that hindered the patient from walking properly. Few weeks before this presentation, the patient has undergone a successful sleeve gastrectomy that was followed by a smooth period of convalescence and no reported post-operative complications.

Sudden loss of popliteal pad of fat can fairly explain vague foot drop after sudden and rapid weight loss following bariatric surgery. Conservative management has proved to be effective saving the patient another surgical intervention.

Loss of popliteal pad of fat can fairly explain vague and sudden acute foot drop following rapid weight loss. Watchful waiting accompanied by physiotherapy proved to be effective management for this case and saved the patient surgical intervention of popliteal nerve decompression.


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