2 - International Conference in Emergency Medicine and Public Health-Qatar Proceedings
  • ISSN: 1999-7086
  • EISSN: 1999-7094


Heat stroke contributes considerably to cause morbidity and mortality during hot season. The main factors associated with severity and mortality of disease unclear. In Sudan heat stroke occurred mainly in Red Sea State during previous years. The purpose of this study is to assess association between heat stroke and pre-existing medical conditions in Northern State of Sudan.

Descriptive analysis of Heat Stroke outbreak at Northern State of Sudan.

Analysis of secondary data of diseases surveillance system was used. The pattern of the outbreak was described and other risk factors were studied to assess their associated with Heat stroke in Northern State of Sudan 2015.

Northern State was reported 44 probable cases of Heat stroke with case fatality (CFR) 72.3% (32 deaths), among them 64% were males and 36% were female. Halfa locality was reported 82% of cases due to decreased of humidity. The majority of the cases (81.8%) were represented in age groups more than 45 years. Majority of reported deaths had chronic illness and significant statistical association with their age group. All deaths were complained from high grade fever, hypotension (65.5%) and unconsciousness (46.9%) while the alive cases were complained from high grade fever and hypotension. Seventy eight percent of deaths occurred in the age group more than 45 years.

Northern State experienced a climatic change during last two year and heat waves became more augmented lead to heat related illness in the area. Elderly, chronic medical condition and humidity were found to be the main risk factors associated with deaths.


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