Volume 2019, Issue 1
  • E-ISSN: 2223-506X


Although obesity is an increasing public health problem throughout the Arabian Peninsula, only a few comprehensive population-based studies have been published in Qatar. In particular, there is a dearth of published information on the increasing body mass index (BMI) of the most vulnerable Qatari sub-population – adolescents. This paper partially addresses this omission by documenting the BMI status of Qatari youth in 2008/2009; it also highlights the changes in BMI that occurred during the first decade of this century, when local risk factors were significantly increasing. Using a simple random sampling approach, adolescents were selected from a pool of Qatari children attending government schools in Qatar. This resulted in a comprehensive dataset of height and BMI for 705 boys and girls aged 12–17 years. The overall prevalence of Qatari adolescents who were overweight/obese in 2008–2009 was 19.9%/26.7% (boys) and 23.2%/17.2% (girls). This represents a change in the prevalence of overweight/obesity of − 8.7%/+18.8 (boys) and +4.3%/+12.1% (girls) during the time between these studies. BMI increased substantially during the last decade, leading to a corresponding increase in the prevalence of adolescent obesity. These results demonstrate that regular monitoring of the BMI status of the Qatari adolescent population provides valuable predictors for adults.


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  • Article Type: Research Article
Keyword(s): adolescents , BMI , Children , obesity , overweight and Qatar
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