Volume 2014, Issue 1
  • E-ISSN: 2223-506X


We have discussed the effect of black body radiation on self-gravitational instability of infinite homogeneous, optically thick quantum plasma carrying a uniform magnetic field. With the help of relevant linearized perturbation quantum magneto-hydrodynamic equations of the problem, using normal mode technique, a general dispersion relation is obtained with black body radiation, quantum correction and magnetic field. Discussed when propagation vectors are longitudinal and transverse to the magnetic field, separately. The new Jeans condition of instability due to quantum correction, magnetic field and black body radiation is discussed. We find that in transverse mode of propagation the condition of Jeans instability of gaseous plasma is modified by quantum correction, magnetic field and black body radiation. In the case of longitudinal mode, it is unaffected by a magnetic field, as this mode provides the Alfven mode separately with the gravitational mode. From the curves we found that the effects of quantum correction, black body radiation and magnetic field have a stabilizing influence.


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